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From Pollution Engineering - Sophic Pursuits had the Cover Article for the October 2014 Issue.
Chemical and Engineering News - Letter to the Editor11/4/2013
Challenges of Going Global - Complying with the New Global Harmonization Standard - Journal of Chemical Health and Safety 12/4/2013
Pitfalls and positives of biofuels and their production.  Documentation of an American Chemical Society Symposium. Key words: sustainability, science, biofuels, renewables.
                        Science and Society Podcast
Podcast of an interview with Dr. Frankie Wood-Black on sustainability.
Emergency Preparedness Planning: a primer for chemists. Key words: safety, emergency preparedness, chemistry, chemical

From the ISA 

Leak Detection and Repair for Refineries, Chemical Plants, and Oil and Gas Facilities.

Recorded April 9, 2015
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