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Year in review - preparation for 2015

2014 is quickly drawing to a close.  Which means that many of the regulatory specialists are in the process of developing a plan of attack for the year end reporting.  January always brings a slew of data gathering, and requests to parse that data for a variety of reports.  So, it is always helpful to look at what changes may have occurred in the past year that you need to be aware of as there may be changes to the lists of materials, slight definition changes that may require a bit of analysis to determine if the data you are collecting is correct, and there may even be a new form or report that you haven't considered.

To help you out with this task - Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. have put together a nice summary

Chemical Users/Manufacturers are in for an interesting up coming year. While everything is chemistry and chemicals are part of our existence. The emphasis on chemicals in the public perception is ever increasing.  It can be anticipated that the TSCA legislation that has been stalled is likely to see some resurgence in the new Congress.  It is also likely that the discussion of chemical safety is also going to be part of the discussion as the pipeline and fracking issues are going to be discussed at all levels.  Biotechnology and pesticides are likely to more activity as well.  EPA has posted a list of their 2014 highlights on its  Pollution Prevention and Toxics page.

Climate Change is still in the forefront.  EPA has issued a a Climate Action Plan, or the Climate Change Adaptation Plan. It is featured as one of the banner highlights on the EPA's main page.  

Water will be a hot button topic as well.  With changes in reporting and the posed change to the definition of waters of the US, discussions about water are going to be at the fore in many State Legislative sessions.  If you want to stay on top of EPA's water news - there is a Water Headlines publication.

One last update - Rules/Regulations/Information Requests with Comments Closing Soon are:

12/19/2014 and 12/26/2014 - Pipeline Safety - Agency Information Collection - Requests and Reauthorizations.
12/19/2014 - Proposed and Final Rules on Coal- and Oil-Fired Electric Steam Generating Units NESHAP.
12/22/2014 - Standards of Performance for Grain Elevators

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