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GHS - It is almost here- some requirements are due by Dec. 1

The OSHA Global Harmonization Standard (GHS), aka the new Hazard Communication Standard is rapidly approaching. Various training requirements are currently in effect and need to be completed by December 1, 2013.  New signage and labeling requirements are coming due.  The new terminology and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are rolling out even as I post this blog.

The question is - is your organization ready?  If you are part of a large corporation or a chemical savvy company, odds are you have been seeing changes since about June of 2013.

Risk versus Hazard

In the world of the safety and environmental professional, the words risk and hazard are used on a daily basis.  And, most of the time it may seem that the words are used interchangeably.  This maybe due to the behavioral response by people. Fundamentally, the words are different – yet how it is how people respond to the specific situations that tend to cause the confusion. 
Hazards are defined as a source of potential adverse effects on someone or something.  The adverse effect can result in physical damage or an adverse health effect.
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