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Case Study - Toxic Substance Control Act

For many professions who deal with government regulations, there is an understanding that the regulations are an attempt to codify the intent of the underlying Act. We get so focused on day-to-day compliance, the underlying regulation may be forgotten or poorly understood.  Just how often does someone download or search out the Act as passed by Congress?  So, lets look at theToxic Substance Control Act (TSCA). Here are the Policy and Intent portions of the regulation:
It is the policy of the United States that—

Hot Topics – Chemical Inventory aka Chemical Management

In the world of environmental regulation, there are few things more mundane that the thought of the chemical inventory.  While the concept is fairly simple, i.e. there should be a listing of the amounts and location of the chemicals that are maintained on-site.  The reality is quite different.  Even a facility as simple as a pipeline terminal can have multiple chemicals on-site in containers ranging from small bottles of white board cleaner to the storage tanks that can be seen from the highway.
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