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The challenge of implementing programs to achieve compliance with any regulation are two fold. The first is dealing with change, i.e. the new compliance program may require a new procedure, additional documentation, or even a new material and or process. The second is that the new program is likely to require additional work and/or be seen as a hindrance to accomplishing the overall business objectives.

To achieve practical and long term compliance solutions, the business objectives, the current procedures, and the current systems need to be reviewed and evaluated prior to implementing any new compliance programs. The goal is to have a compliance solution that works for your particular site, works with your existing programs, and is easily implemented.

Sophic Pursuits, Inc. strives to help you look at your existing programs to determine how to improve and/or implement new requirements so that your processes achieve compliance and work for you. The goal is to have your compliance programs provide business value in addition to regulatory compliance. In this way, the compliance professional's time is spent improving systems rather than maintaining them.

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