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Teaching Science through Discovery

In our modern world, the general understanding of science is important for future success. Whether, you are a parent who is attempting to educate your child or an individual looking to having a basic understanding of science, scientific principles, and the implications of scientific data the foundation for critical thinking and better decision making.

Sophic Pursuits, Inc. understands the need for fundamental science education and recognizes that every individual has a different learning style. Science is best learned through discovery, i.e. an investigation of concepts, ideas, and connections. For most individuals, science was viewed as hard and only for the "brains." Yet, of science is needed for everyday life - from cooking to discussions of environmental regulations.

Our goal is to provide educational materials for a variety of audiences. Whether you are looking for that science article for your company newsletter, local paper or magazine; or for classroom resources, Sophic Pursuits, Inc. is looking to help you fill that need.

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Science Materials for the General Public

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@Sophic_P on Twitter. This news feed is fun science news that can be used as enrichment for any educational setting or for discussion around the dinner table. A similar News Feed and information can be found on the Sophic Pursuits Facebook Page.

Interested in a general article about:

What goes into the price of gasoline?

Perception of risk

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Classroom and Home School Materials

General Materials to Support Education

Staying Safe while Conducting Hands-On Science is available via eBook and downloadable PDF. The title is designed for any parent or adult conducting hands-on science experiments. The book will provide basic safety tips, tools, and resources.

Sophic Pursuits publishes a blog that highlights activities that can be conducted at home as part of a home school curriculum or as science enrichment. The blog comes out approximately weekly. To subscribe Click Here.

High School Level

Discovering Chemistry - A Laboratory Course is now available for families willing to Beta Test the program. The Student Manual is complete, and the instructor materials are being developed with the assistance of the Beta Testers. (Note - those Beta Testing the program will receive consulting support from the author.) If you would like to participate in the Beta Testing click here.

General Links for other Science Education Resources:

(Disclaimer - the links provided here to other websites are not a production of Sophic Pursuits. They are provided as a reference and may be useful to the users. Sophic Pursuits does not take any responsibility for the content on the linked websites.)

National Science Teachers Association

American Chemical Society - Educational Resources

USGS Education Resource Page

National Science Foundation - Education Classroom Resources This site provides links to other sites

Information on promoting a Safety Culture - from the National Academies

Opportunities for Students

If you have a student that is looking for a competition and/or enrichment activity. It is time to start looking. Most competitions, enrichment programs, and other opportunities are announced early in the school year. So, keep your eyes open. Pay attention to deadlines and application requirements. There are lots of opportunities out there so start looking.

for information about science competitions available to students. This information is from the National Science Teachers Association. Competitions include Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision open to students K-12 and the DuPont Challenge Science Essay Competition for grades 7-12.

Summer - Field Exploration Opportunities:

High School Students

- Check out the National Geographic Student Expeditions for Grades 9 through 12. Scholarships are available. There are opportunities in Conservation, Creative Writing, Photography, Climate & Geology, Community Service, and Archaeology & Ancient Culture. You can find more information at the Website.

- Project SEED - Project SEED is run by the American Chemical Society to open doors for economically disadvantaged students to experience what is't like to be a chemist.

Undergraduate Students

- Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships - "To award outstanding undergraduate organic chemistry students attending colleges and universities in the United States." Applications are due in early February.

- Internships for Undergraduate Chemistry Students - Check out the Page from the American Chemical Society.

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