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Need some fun activities or want links to some great science? This is the page for you! While this page is for everyone who would like to have some fun, it is primarily designed for the home school family that is looking to add to their science curriculum and keep up to date with real time exciting science in the news. Hopefully, you will find this page useful. If you have questions contact us by clicking here.

Note: Sophic Pursuits, Inc. is not responsible for the content on the pages that are linked. But the pages linked have some great information and/or reference materials. Have Fun! And Stay Safe!

Resources for the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 -

Need to find the time and duration at your location? Click Here

Information from NASA on the Eclipse - Click Here

Fun Eclipse Statistics - Click Here

Resources produced by the American Chemical Society

National Historic Chemical Landmarks See the Nov. 4 Letter to the Editor - Chemical and Engineering News

Get Ready for Mole Day and National Chemistry Week - Link to ACS Resources. This year it is all about Color!

National Chemistry Week is October 18th through the 24th. Start preparing now!

 Science Resources for Kids of All Ages

Atmospheric Research - Web Weather for Kids

From the American Chemical Society - Science Activities for Preschoolers.

Bill Nye the Science Guy's Page

For the PreSchooler - Hand Made Kids Art with a Science Flare

From the Discovery Channel - Discovery Education - Check out the Monthly Themed Activities from Siemens Science Day - Check out this 3M/Discovery Education site - Science in Everyday Life

Mythbusters - Classroom Mythbusting for Educators

National Geographic

From Scholastic - 40 Experiments

Science Buddies - Lots of Activities

Weird Science Kids

Zoom - the PBS Kids Show

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

From the University of Wisconsin - Home Experiments

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