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Over the years our Principal has been collecting and distributing information about Leadership, Mentoring and other career advice. Frankie Wood-Black has been a speaker on the American Chemical Society speaker tour. She routinely conducts workshops on communication strategies and innovation for the American Chemical Society Leadership Development Program.

Dr. Wood-Black is concerned that young science and engineering professionals get the timely mentoring they need in order to have successful careers in industry or academia. Through her work with the American Chemical Society and other Professional Organizations, she has seen the benefits of this timely mentoring. This part of Sophic Pursuits is dedicated to helping others find the mentoring they need to be successful.

For more information or to contact Dr. Wood-Black regarding potential talks on this topic - Click Here.

Sophic Pursuits has started a blog Leadership in Practice

!New! In addition to the Leadership in Practice - Sophic Pursuits will send out a more detailed newsletter. This newsletter will have links to various leadership events, resources, and other items designed to help you grow as a Leader. It is anticipated that this newsletter will be a bimonthly publication. To sign up click here.

Top Ten Leadership Blogs from 2013 from SmartBlog on Leadership - here.

Words of Wisdom from other Bloggers and Historic Leaders

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Elizabeth I as CEO - available from your bookstore or library

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Historic Career Presentations

Looking Glass.pdf (PDF — 671 KB)

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