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General Resources for Science Education

Where you can find Hands-On Science Supplies (Disclaimer - the links provided here to other websites are not a production of Sophic Pursuits. They are provided as a reference and may be useful to the users. Sophic Pursuits does not take any responsibility for the content on the linked websites.)

Science Explorations - Ideas for Hands-On Science & General Topic Articles

- Viscosity Exploration (Note - this should be done with an adult - uses heat) 

Rodeo Science.pdf (PDF — 336 KB)

- suitable for newspapers and/or magazines for children. What types of science can be found at the

- All About Science - Columns from the Ponca City News Midweek - January 2015 - February 12, 2015.

Color.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)

- Current Week's All About Science

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